Ilkeston care home Resident enjoys building Lego peopleBrian, a Resident at HC One’s Victoria Park care home has been keeping entertained by building Lego people. 

During the last few months it's been proving difficult for everyone as the pandemic continues, however Brian has been keeping his spirits up at the Ilkeston Home.

Brain is the homes only completely deaf Resident, so as you can imagine it's harder for him to communicate with family over the phone as easily as others, and Brian tends to lose concentration with repetitive activity so Colleagues decided to try something new - Lego. 

This went down very well for Brian and it was something a little different to his usual favourite game of Dominoes. 

Brian and Rosie, wellbeing coordinator at the home, created mini figures between them and he thoroughly enjoyed doing something completely different. Brian wanted to display them on the fireplace with photographs of his loved ones. 

Brian likes to have a laugh and jokingly said “That one looks like you”. 
Brian was proud of what he achieved with the Lego and will be happy to do some more building with them soon.