Introducing the ‘Magic Table’ at Laindon care homeOaklands care home are pleased to bring to Residents the all new Magic Table. This piece of equipment was used for the first time by this Essex home and the results weren’t just promising but the versatility and engagement it brought for Residents was outstanding. 

HC-One Colleagues used a nice open space to set up the new magic table. where others could see the activity taking place in case they were a little unsure about it at first. The table projects all sorts of applications, games, tasks and so much more that caters to a large audience. The Residents using it were mesmerised and very engaged by it. They enjoyed different elements to fit their personalities; some enjoyed the breathing exercises whilst others opted for the painting elements. 

One member of the team explained, “We had Residents Michael who was painting the flags, Peter was playing the football game and Diane enjoyed moving leaves around and popping bubbles”. 

One of the Oaklands Residents said, “I really enjoyed that, it looks so real”. Other Residents were saying that they would like to do this again. 

Debbie Cooke, who works at Oaklands, said, “We still have lots to explore to use the table and the Residents are very excited and looking forward to using more. It’s lovely to see them so engaged and enjoying themselves.”

“The Magic Table has lots of potential, we are looking forward to exploring it more”.