Kent care home Resident shows off his amazing wood-carving talentA Resident at HC-One’s Woodford care home in Dartford has been talking to Colleagues about his incredible craft; stick making.

Ivor Coombes has spent 60 years of his life honing his craft and hand carving beautiful wooden walking sticks. He has even been in the British Stickmakers Guild for over 30 years, an incredible feat.

Ivor is very proud of his work and has given his very special walking sticks to several famous people over the years, including TV presenter and writer, Jack Hargreaves.

Ivor said: “I like using my hands and making things. When I met my wife, I impressed her by showing her my sticks!”

Ivor used to make at least three sticks every winter to keep himself busy during the cold season. Each stick tells a story about someone he has met in my life, shown through detailed carvings of people, animals, insects and even bicycles.

One of the walking sticks is currently on display in the Fleur de Lis Museum in Faversham, Kent, where visitors can awe over the Ivor’s magnificent carvings.