Leicester care home Residents compete in homes Olympic GamesResidents at HC-One’s Harley Grange care home in Leicester recently competed in the homes very own Olympic Games competition, with winners receiving medals and congratulations.

All Residents at Harley Grange took part in the competition that seen Residents go head to head in classic events like the egg and spoon race, quoits, tin can alley bowling and skittles. 

Harley Grange Resident, Margaret said: “It reminds me very much of school when we used to do sports day.”

Colleagues put Residents into four teams and allocated a colour and name from fictitious lands. Red was Camelot, Blue Atlantis, Green Wonderland and Yellow was Narnia. Residents Michael and Cathy excelled with their fantastic sporting skills and ended up winning 6 Gold medals between them.

At the end of the first week, Camelot has 4 Gold medals, Narnia has to 2 Gold medals, Atlantis has 2 Silver medals and Wonderland has 1 Silver medal. On Friday at 3pm teatime the chef made gold medal cupcakes with red, white and blue icing which Residents really enjoyed after their day of competing.

Harley Grange Home Manager, Anne Upton said: “It is so wonderful to see everyone taking part and having fun.”