Leicester care home learn all about StonehengeAt HC One’s Harley Grange care home, Residents learned all about Stonehenge as part of today’s activities.

The dining room was set up as an art class and studio, so Residents could look into the history of Stonehenge, and carry out their own paintings of the famous monument.

As a part of history week, the Colleagues at the care home in Leicester set up a PowerPoint slideshow all about the stones; where they came from and why they are famous when it comes to the longest day of the year.

After watching and learning, the Residents then got creative by painting images of Stonehenge.

One Resident, Betty, commented “I remember learning about Stonehenge at school, and remembered back on a school trip I was scared that the rocks might fall on me!”

It was great to see the Residents really enjoying this activity.