Local bakery rises to the task for Eckington ResidentsResidents from HC-One’s April Park in Eckington have been enjoying some lovely freshly baked products that were kindly gifted from the local Kemp’s Bakery.

Unfortunately, in the recent weeks it has been tough to get hold of some of the simplest items, such as milk and bread. So as demand has started to ease a local bakery decided to treat Residents at April Park to some freshly baked produce.

One April Park Resident said: “It is lovely that they are making fresh products for April Park to take home.”

The Residents all enjoyed a lovely dinner with the fresh food and with it being so local, it has really invoked that community spirit within in the home.

All Residents and Staff at HC-One and April Park would like to thank Kemps Bakery for all their support during these difficult times.