Mosaic art at Knotty Ash care homeResidents at Liverpool care home, Ash Court, have been creating a very special mosaic design to put up as ‘pride of place’

Residents had a discussion between themselves on what colour tiles they'd like to use on the MDF board design. 

“Our Residents decided that they wanted to spell out 'Ash Court' with a rainbow in the background, that would represent the kindness in the home,” One Colleague remarked.

Resident's took turns in gluing the stone mosaic tiles onto the board using PVA glue. The picture was then grouted and sealed by Maintenance Operative Michael, who then hung the picture on the wall at the front of the Home's entrance. 

This activity arranged by Colleague Natasha, was conducted using social distance measures and Residents took it in turns to have one-to-one sessions in order to complete the design. There were four Residents who were the main contributors, Marlene Mace, Marjorie Bennett, Sheila Johnstone and Ethel Kealey, however all Colleagues took a turn in gluing at least one mosaic tile onto the board. 

The main highlights of the project were seeing the design taking shape and seeing the joyful reaction from the Residents’ when they realised how much progress had been made. 

Laura Mosedale, Ash Court’s Home Manager, remarked, “This really was a project that received a lot of effort from all and boosted morale. How wonderful in creating a picture that they could be proud of as well as sharing their artistic talents with others. Whilst on display outside, it shows the outside world what we are capable of achieving and shows we are keeping very busy indeed.”