Newcastle Residents receive gifts from some familiar friendsResidents from HC-One’s Sutherland Court in Newcastle were gifted some lovely rainbow handmade cards and letters from the children of Wingrove Primary School on Monday.

With the children unable to visit the home, they opted to send Residents some lovely uplifting letters with jokes and stories in and some wonderful rainbow paintings, so they didn’t feel left out at this tough time.

Sadie Stirling, a Sutherland Court Resident said, “I miss watching the children come down the path waving and hearing them giggle.”

Residents and staff loved reading the letters and felt overwhelmed by what they received and they can’t wait to have the children back.

Sutherland Court Colleague, Judith Snowdon said, “We have built a very special bond with Wingrove School and its so nice that even though they can’t visit, they are still thinking of our Residents.”