Newcastle care home Resident enjoys surprise birthday visit from her two sonsA very lucky Resident at HC-One’s Sutherland Court care home in Newcastle Upon Tyne had a visit from her two sons on her birthday.

On the 1st July, Doreen Hayes, a Resident at Sutherland Court celebrated her 82nd birthday and it was made extra special when she was surprised with a visit off her two sons, who she hadn’t seen since lockdown.

Doreen, who is a respite Resident, is joined in the home by her husband, Gordon, who resides on the Grace Unit. On the morning of her birthday, Colleagues in the home took Doreen downstairs and into the garden, think it was just to see Gordon in the garden, which they both love doing. 

As Doreen sat down in the garden with Gordon, their sons came around the corner singing ‘happy birthday’ to her and she couldn’t contain her tears and her huge smile.

“It’s one of the best presents ever, thank you so much,” said Doreen.

It wasn’t just Doreen who shed some tears, Jude the wellbeing coordinator at Sutherland Court also had a little cry.

Sutherland Court Home Manager, Judith Snowdon said: “It was lovely seeing the family together chatting, it was the first of many Relatives visits, I think I might need more hankies.”