Newcastle care home Residents overwhelmed with donationsResidents at HC-One’s Sutherland Court in Newcastle-upon-Tyne have been inundated with donations such as toiletries, chocolates and cards.

The local community around Sutherland Avenue, in Newcastle, has come together and gifted Residents and staff essential toiletries and food as well as some lovely handmade cards, which were made by children local to the home.

Wellbeing coordinator Judith Snowdon said: “I came back after two weeks leave to find the number of cards, pictures and gifts from our local community was amazing.”

As well as the cards, the local children created some lovely colourful drawings of rainbows, which are now displayed throughout the home, offering messages of hope to Residents during this tough time.

Sutherland Court Resident Barbara Samuel said: “It gives me good bumps just looking at the lovely cards on the table, how nice people are, tears of happiness in my eyes with all these lovely drawings.”

The team at Sutherland Court are putting a book together with all the compliments, letters and emails they are getting during the coronavirus outbreak as something to look back on in years to come.