Newton Heath Resident marks 100th birthdayAt HC-One’s Averill House care home, in Manchester, which offers residential memory and nursing memory care, for those living with dementia, one very special Resident turned 100 on Easter Sunday. And the celebration was fit for a queen!

Marjorie Burke, pictured, turned 100 on Easter Sunday and after the home sent out a request on social media wishing for 100 cards on her 100th birthday, she received cards from all over the world, including France and Germany. There were also plenty of cards received from all over Manchester including the local schools; St Johns and St Herbert’s, South Failsworth. In total, Marjorie received over 200 cards, including one from the Queen herself. 

This week, Marjorie had hampers delivered from the local supermarkets Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco. And she was gifted a queen dome party package for the big day too. 

Continuing the celebrations, the home also received an outdoor visit by local, Glenis Jones and her enactment community group, who put on a show which was based on the war era. This included cars and a vintage motorbike, with everyone in 1940s dress, (Marjorie was a munitions girl at Avro’s in the war so thoroughly enjoyed this).

Marjorie’s family visited, socially distanced, and sang an impromptu song of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and ‘We’ll Meet Again’; which the army group did a dance to. 

The home then received a delivery of over 70 afternoon teas for all Residents from company ‘Cupcakes for Remembrance’. Therefore, all Residents were treated to a grand afternoon tea, joined by Colleagues, in the queen dome in the garden at Averill House. Marjorie had a glass of bubbly and she thoroughly enjoyed the day. She said, “Is this all for me? I cannot believe it! It’s wonderful. I am astonished.”

Jenna Lord, Domestic Colleague, remarked, “This has been wonderful, I can’t believe this has all been done, it’s stunning.”

Jodie Yates, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “The day was a memorable one to see and celebrate a lady turning 100 was a wonderful moment. I am glad I could be a part of this and organising something as grand as this lady is.”