Nursery nativity and New Years Eve madness at Magna care homeEveryone at Magna care home, in Wigston, have been very festive over the last week with a nativity performance as well as early New Year’s Eve Celebrations. 

Last week, Residents, including Arthur, Joyce, Andrea, Mavis, Edna, Kath, Betty D, Gillian, Betty and Avis, enjoyed watching a nativity play on YouTube recorded by one of their very own Relatives. 

Betty Dent's niece and her very young nursery class performed the well-loved Christmas play for everyone to enjoy. Residents enjoyed seeing the small children perform and sing; all agreed they did a super job.

There has also been some early music madness with the arrival of the home’s new karaoke machine last week. 

Colleagues thought a good singalong to see the New Year out would be a great way to entertain everyone! Residents and Colleagues Sylvia, Andrea, Arthur, Gillian Betty D, Tracie, Sarjit, Donna and Wendy all joined in and everybody had lots of fun.

It seems that singing lessons are required for Staff, when one Resident joked that it, “sounds like a cat crying… no, not really!”

Wendy Harding, Home Administrator, said, "It was so lovely to see the Residents smiling and watching the children; this led to us singing along with the hymns and clearly led to everyone thinking they could sing on the karaoke machine!”