Penrith care home Residents share arts and crafts creationsResidents at HC-One’s Cold Spring Park care home in Penrith recently enjoyed an arts and crafts session and have decided to share all of the creations with Colleagues on fellow Residents in the home. 

Cold Spring Park had various groups who chose the art subject, from displays to crafting, that they wanted to be involved in. Every Resident engaged with their ideas of colour and textures resulting in a mixture of summer fun. 

Victoria Smith, Cold Springs Park wellbeing coordinator said: “What a lovely seasonal display that Residents have created.”

Each arts and crafts afternoon were enjoyed with summer teas and cool ice creams for Residents to take a break and relax. Colleagues in Cold Springs Park have displayed the works of art around the home and gardens and they really show off the colourful seasons that they have enjoyed so far.

Cold Spring Park Home Manager, Jackie Johnstone said: “What a marvellous effort by all of our Residents, it has really brightened the home up.”