Printing with potatoes in Surrey care homeAs part of the activity program this week at Kettlewell House in Surrey, Colleagues decided it was time to get messy and creative by printing some paintings using potatoes by stamping them onto paper. 

Residents spent time choosing what shapes to cut out of the potatoes and put them to the test the following day! 

The Wellbeing Team lead on these programs, “This craft worked so well and was super easy to prepare and do in a small group and one to one. To begin with I think some were a bit sceptical questioning if it would work but once they watched the paintings develop they were very impressed and had a go themselves.”     

This was a simple but effective activity enjoyed by many, even those who took pleasure in watching. Nora (pictured right) had a lovely time painting, she kept referring to someone’s slippers in front of her as inspiration.  It wasn’t clear to begin with why she kept looking ahead, like she had seen something unusual, it then became clear she was painting the slippers from life. She mixed the colour herself and was really concentrating on matching the slippers. Nora loved the bright colours and was very particular about which colour she added to her mixture.

Trevor Kirby White (centre) and Margaret Rowe (left) also enjoyed painting. 

Home Manager, Kate Patterson, said, “These type of activities are particularly enjoyed by Residents as they can put their own ‘stamp’ on it!”