Puppy therapy at Birmingham care homeIn celebration of National Dog Day, Residents at Hodge Hill Grange care home in Birmingham enjoyed a visit from Poppy, the friendly pup. 

Poppy was so well behaved and she welcomed Residents and everyone enjoyed her company. She was gentle and offered affection to Colleagues and Residents alike, showing a particular favouritism to those on Rose Unit. 

All Residents interacted well with Poppy and were really pleased to have her there. “Poppy has been a great comfort to everyone, especially at this time when visits are restricted”. One Colleague said. 

She was fussed over and stroked all day. The pooch even had a Covid-19 test before she came into the home to ensure safety!

One Resident said, “Poppy reminded me of my childhood. I always had a dog growing up and it was lovely to be reminded.”

Another Resident added, “What a lovely natured dog. It has been a lovely surprise.”

Theresa Ingram-Gettins, Home Manaer, remarked, “National Dog Day was enjoyed by all and we look forward to having Poppy visit again. It was so lovely to see all the Residents fussing over her.”