Reminiscence for Bridport care home ResidentPete, a Resident at HC-One’s The Hyde care home, regularly enjoys talking about his life as a farmer, and was delighted when he was able to go and visit a local farm and see the farmers up close at work.

As a farmer was delivering bales of hay for the cattle in the home’s field, Pete, who regularly talks about his adventures as a farmer and the tractor he loved, was delighted, as he was invited to come out to see the farmer’s tractor.

He was shocked at the size of it, compared to his during his farming days, remarking at how big the wheels looked. 

Pete enjoyed looking around the tractor, and speaking with the farmer about the cattle, asking the farmer what his favourite aspects of the job was, and even tried his hand at feeding the cattle.

Nicola Grinton, home manager, commented: “It was lovely to see Pete’s face light up when he saw the tractor, being able to share this experience with him was wonderful.”