Resident learns to walk again thanks to CAPA ProgramIsobel Jordan, Resident at HC-One’s Forthbank Care Home in Kildean, Stirling has enjoyed a weekend away in celebration of completing her personal goals in the Care Bout Physical Activity (CAPA) program.  

After having a stroke, Isobel was unable to get around by herself, but through the CAPA Program, she is now able to walk short distances with ease.

To celebrate her passing her goals that she had set herself, Forthbank wanted to do something special for Isobel. 

They decided on a weekend away in a caravan, as this is something that Isobel thought she’d never be able to do again as the caravan she owned had stairs leading up to it. 

A caravan in Craig Tara Ayr was donated for free to Isobel for her to enjoy a weekend away, where she was able to do everything she wanted to, including playing bingo, enjoying a show and eating a delicious meal out. 

The CAPA Program is lead by The Care Inspectorate and aims to develop and build on the skills, knowledge and confidence of care staff to improve physical activity participation. 

Each program works with people on an individual basis, learning what they are capable of and building their levels of physical activity. 

Isobel commented:

“I thought I’d never be able to get into a caravan again, but I did it!

I had the best time ever.”

Craig Tara Ayr have also donated a three bedroom caravan, that sleeps up to 8 people, for next year to ensure that other Residents can enjoy the experience.