Resident surprises care home with special deliveryThere was shock and delight at Meadowbank House Care Home as Resident Jean Handley surprised both the home manager and the care team with a delivery of two stunning bouquets of flowers.

On the tag of one of the bouquets, Jean had added a note:

“Pause a second to appreciate these flowers you so justly deserve, Jean.”

Jean had gotten the flowers to show her appreciation for all that the carers and the managers are doing for her and the other Residents on a daily basis. She wanted everyone to know that they are appreciated. 

Jean said to manager Kelly:

“Last week I overheard you jokingly asking whether the flowers that were being delivered were for you, and that gave me an idea! I realised that this might just be the best way for me to show my appreciation for all that you do.”

Needless to say, Kelly and the team were thrilled and very touched that Jean had arranged this lovely surprise for them.