Residents at Coventry care home enjoy tasty homemade biscuitsThe home manager at HC One’s Victoria Gardens baked delicious biscuits for Residents to enjoy today.

Victoria Gardens' new home manager Melissa Nelcha, who is originally from Florida, USA decided she would show her residents what an American biscuit really was.

The home manager arrived at the Coventry care home bright and early on Monday and set to work in their kitchens so the Residents were woken by the smell of home-made baking.

The manager’s gran who lived in Alabama, taught her how to make these delights. They are baked with salt but without using any eggs. They are best served with jam or honey and lashings of butter.

Over 3 dozen biscuits were baked and enjoyed by the Residents and staff at Victoria Gardens. One Resident said she thought they looked like scones but tasted delicious.

Whether they are known as cookies, biscuits or scones, everyone agreed that they tasted delightful.