Residents select community names for different sections of Ashington care homeResidents at HC-One’s Ashington Grange care home in Ashington have been busy renaming the areas and floors of the home, to make the home easier to direct Residents around and to brighten up the homes interior.

Following discussions with Residents, it was agreed that Residents would select the community names for the homes. Four options were put forward for the Residents to vote, and the winners would become the names of them specific areas in the home.

The names chosen as winners were the ‘Milburn Community’ for the ground floor of the home and the ‘Charlton Community’ for the first floor, after local football legend, Jack Charlton and Jackie Milburn.

The new street signs were made and put on the wall of the foyer in each community, taking pride of place. Residents really enjoyed choosing the community names and are really please with the outcome, “it’s lovely to have local names for our communities,” said one Resident.

Heather Knowles-Sinclair, Home Manager at Ashington Grange said: “The Milburn Community sign looks great on the wall downstairs, as the wall was plain before, so it gives it a bit more life.”