Revisiting the Gunpowder Plot at Eastbourne care homeResidents and Colleagues alike are celebrating Bonfire Night at Elstree care home by revisiting the meaning behind the event. 

Colleagues organised for Residents to watch a short documentary about the gunpowder plot. 

After that, they did a multiple-choice quiz, to find out if they had retained the information – Yes, they had! 

In the afternoon, Residents drew firework displays using chalk. Also, they compiled a firework poem and made gingerbread faces. The home also organised a mini display in the garden of fireworks. So, they were certainly not short of activities to do.

One wellbeing Colleague stated, “Overall, we had a fantastic day. It’s been great to celebrate bonfire night. This has brought back so many memories and it’s always good to reinforce the knowledge of the gunpowder plot and the firework display.”

“I’ve had so much fun, I like the sound of the fireworks and the beautiful colours. The firework pictures are very effective,” remarked one of the Residents

Yolanda De Castro, Home Manager, said, “The Residents really enjoyed themselves and they did brilliantly. They are forming good bonds with each other and they said that the activities are exciting. Plus, the poem is very good.”