Sainsbury’s employee surprises Penrith care home Residents with Christmas presentsA local Sainsbury’s employee kindly donated Christmas presents and collection money to all three HC-One care homes in Penrith.

Each Resident and Colleague received a Christmas present from 21-year-old Cameron Stewart.

He also raised over £700 which was split evenly between the homes.

Residents and Colleagues at HC One’s Winter’s Park, Cold Springs Park and Croft Avenue care homes were all very grateful.

One Resident at Cold Springs Park commented: “It’s very kind and thoughtful of him to donate our gifts.”

Cameron organised the campaign, #CameronsChristmasCampaign,  in November and organised donation drop-off points at Starfruits and Yorkshire Trading.

Gifts were then dropped off at the three care homes two weeks before Christmas to give the presents time to isolate in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Cold Springs Park Home Manager, Jacqueline Johnstone, said: He has a heart of gold. Amazing.”