Sheffield care home Residents welcome thoughtful donationResidents from HC-One’s Holmwood care home in Sheffield have been the recipients of some thoughtful gifts from a local supermarket chain.
Morrisons have kindly gifted Holmwood Residents and staff plenty of bread, white and brown, ham and cheese so the Residents are stocked up and can enjoy a nice sandwich or toastie.
The staff and Residents at Holmwood were delighted to receive the donation and it has reassured them that the community have got their back and that we will all get through this dire situation together.
Vicki Leck, Holmwood’s Home Manager said: “It’s nice to see people caring for one another in such a crisis, I hope we can all get through it together.”
All at HC-One’s Holmwood care home would like to thank Morrisons for all the help and support they have given staff and Residents through these uncertain times.