St Andrew's Day 2018HC-One are thrilled to open their doors and to welcome members of the local community, family and friends for St Andrew’s Day on 30th November.

As the ‘kind care company’, we are always looking out for acts of kindness and who better to celebrate than St Andrew, who encouraged people to share what they had with those in need, to be kind and charitable and to look out for one another.

St Andrew’s Day celebrates Scotland’s patron saint and is a fantastic opportunity to spend a little time in our homes to gain a greater understanding of the incredible work our kind, caring Colleagues do 24/7, 365 days of the year.

During your visit, you can enjoy:

•   St Andrew’s themed activities
•   Meeting some of the wonderful Residents and find out more about their amazing lives
•   Refreshments
•   Making new friends from the community

RSVP [email protected] or 0333 9998699