Surrey care home’s garden games dayResidents at Kettlewell House care home in Surrey, spent the afternoon in the garden, like they always do when there is some nice weather. 

The garden is looking really nice and the flowers are growing well! The home now has a new gardener who joined the team and is doing a super job at keeping the garden a nice, tidy place for Residents to admire and enjoy. 

Staff organised a game of giant Jenga which many hadn’t played for a long time! Everyone loved playing, the concentration and game faces everyone had to try not to knock the tower over was very funny and enjoyable. Each took it in turns to battle the tower and remove a brick in the hope to not cause it to topple over. 

They also played with the giant beach ball and passed it to each other in any means necessary whether that was kicking it, hitting it with their hands or using their heads. Activities like this are not only great for hand eye coordination but all found it very funny when the ball caught them off guard and hit them on the head and went flying in another direction. There was definitely a lot of laughs that afternoon.

Residents that took part were Jeanne, Margaret, Karen, Maria, Trevor Kirby- White and Betty

They were often seen giggling at each other when they missed or the ball bounced off their head.

See pictured Margaret Rowe(centre) and Jeanne Tedder