Sycamores care home Residents enjoy a beach dayDue to the heatwave we have experienced in the UK this week, Residents and Colleagues at The Sycamores residential and residential memory care home, in Hyde, brought the beach to the home!

The courtyard was set up as a beach destination, with different activity stations available. Sun hats, sun cream, a shaded area and refreshments were provided and they even had paddling pools filled with cool water where the Residents could sit with their feet in to keep them cool and also give them the sense of water at the seaside. 

There were also games such as ‘hook-a-duck’, fishing and ball and net games within the pool.

Residents enjoyed refreshing snacks such as pineapple and coconut mocktails with chunks of pineapple, as well as lots of different ice-creams and lollies.

Colleagues also set up some ‘memory’ stations on the tables outside relating to different holiday camps and destinations which the Residents would be familiar with, including Blackpool Front and the Pleasure Beach, Presthaven Sands, Pointins and Wales.

There was different information including postcards, pictures tickets and others props designed to bring back memories of the past for the Residents. 

Some enjoyed sharing stories where they would go on their holidays with their families in their past and everyone enjoyed relaxing in the sun whilst listening and singing along to summer music from the past decades. 

Everyone had lots of fun, with one Resident commenting, “I’ve had a great day at the beach today, thank you for making it happen!”

Renee Bell, Wellbeing Coordinator, commented, “Lots of fun was had by all at the seaside. The Residents particularly enjoyed having a cold refreshment with their feet in the cool water.”