Testing the logic with maths quiz at Maple LodgeResidents had fun with the maths quiz challenge that Colleagues organised for them today at Maple Lodge care home in Staffordshire. 

The game consisted of Residents having to throw a bean bag in order to match the number, then a question follows the number that they are asked.

There were various maths sums for the Residents to try and complete and this was a great memory game for the residents and they enjoyed reminiscing. For example, question on the number 50 was ‘What job did you do when you were 50?’. Doreen remembered how she was a nurse at the age of 50 at the Staffordshire General Infirmary (SGI) and looked after patients.

Ronald Wood, Doreen Perry and Eleanor Sperryn (all pictured) agreed that this type of activity, “Does them good and gets them thinking.”

Sarah Dodd, who is the home’s Manager at Maple Lodge, said, “It was joyful to watch them talk about memories and get their brains working with the sums.”