The great Hailsham 'Bake Off'Today at Hailsham House in East Sussex, which offers residential, nursing and dementia care, Residents have had their own “Bake Off” competition. 

With next week marking the return of the “Great British Bake off” on television and Residents very excited to see this. It has inspired them all to have their own bake off at Hailsham, with this week’s theme being “biscuits”. Residents have decided that they will all make their own chocolate chip style cookies, implementing their own home-made family recipes to work from.

Each Resident mixed and shaped their own cookies and kept a keen eye on them as they baked, to make sure that the perfect golden-brown colour came through. Afterwards in true ‘Bake Off’ style, the cookies went through the classic taste test, and it was unanimously decided the home-made cookies are the best kind. The real winners though were the people who got to eat them with a nice cup of tea!

Speaking to the Residents afterwards, everybody expressed how much fun they had making their biscuits and more importantly how they enjoyed eating them after.  One Resident commented “I’ve had my own recipe for years, it can’t be beaten! Everyone is going to love them”. They also mentioned how they liked getting hands on with mixing the ingredients and discussing everybody’s different home recipes. 

Catherine, the Home Manager said “Its great to see everyone get involved with the baking in the home, some healthy competition really gets everyone excited and involved”.