Two Hamilton care home Colleagues celebrate ‘Kindness in Care’ and ‘Long Service award winsTwo very special Colleagues at HC-One’s Douglas View care home in Hamilton were recently recipients of HC-One’s ‘Kindness in Care’ and ‘Long Service’ awards, after outstanding contribution to the wellbeing of Residents.

On what is superstitiously considered to be an unlucky day, that was not the case for two Douglas View staff members who were each awarded something very special indeed.

First, Douglas View maintenance officer Jim Black, was the recipient of a 'Kindness in Care' award due to his fantastic decorating of long-time resident Jack Cannon's room.

He put a great deal of effort into making the room wonderful for Jack and his family were very pleased with the end result and Jack loves his spruced-up bedroom very much.

To add on to the excitement, Douglas View Nursing assistant, Annmarie McCulloch celebrated 20 years working at Douglas View. Colleagues threw a small tea party with Residents from the homes Avon Unit to celebrate. "Thanks very much for the nice setup," said Annmarie McCulloch.

Lyndsey Barnes, Douglas View Home Manager said: “It's wonderful to give the staff the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work.”