Very special Christmas poem from Coventry care home ColleagueKayleigh Callaway, a Colleague at HC One’s Victoria Manor care home, has wrote a beautiful Christmas poem. 

Kayleigh has worked for the Coventry care home since April 2020, so is fairly new member to the team but has made a real difference since joining. 

Kayleigh decided to write a lovely poem for the homes talent show in September and the rest of the team asked if she would do one for Christmas too. 

It is brilliant how Kayleigh has involved every Resident living at the home, she is definitely very talented. 

The home manager said “I think Kayleigh has done a wonderful job with the poem, it’s amazing how it is so person centred.” 

The home would love to share this wonderful and personal poem for all to read:

Twas’ the night before Christmas and all through Victoria Manor, 
Every Resident was up in their full Christmas glamour. 
Decorations were hung all over the walls, 
As each Resident was waiting for Santa Claus. 
You had Marie, the two Jeans and lovely June,
All singing along to a sweet Christmas tune. 
Bridget, the Beryl’s’ and Val were tending to the tree, 
While Fred and Michael were enjoying a nice cup of tea.       
Stockings were hung by Mary and Joyce, 
Whilst Joe and Dennis struggled for choice, 
As they looked upon the Christmas Eve feast, 
Norman just wanted to eat something sweet. 
“What was that?” Cried Kitty, 
And they all stopped to listen. 
There was a faint jingling sound and the chimney started to glisten. 
“We must go to bed!” cried Doris and George.
“Saint Nick will see us, and that’s something we cannot afford!”
Mavis and Mary quickly started to panic, 
Whilst Julia put out a mince pie and a carrot.
A rustling sound came from the fireplace, 
Eunice and Lydia shooed everyone to bed with such pace. 
Cecilia and Sylvia turned down the lights, 
And Leon pretended he was asleep with all of his might. 
Down the chimney St Nick came with a leap and a bound, 
He was dressed all in fur and his belly was round. 
He placed lots of presents all under the tree, 
And filled up their stockings so gleefully. 
He went back up the chimney and onto his sleigh, 
And drew in such a big breath just so that he could say, 
“Merry Christmas Victoria Manor, I hope you sleep tight, 
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!”