How is HC-One helping ease pressure on community health and social care systems this winter?

Jake Rollin, our Director of Commissioned Care and Commercial Support at HC-One, reveals how our kind care Colleagues working in over 300 care homes across England, Scotland and Wales are supporting the NHS and social care services to ease pressure on the health and social care system this winter.

As the Kind Care Company, we are proud of the significant role we play every year in supporting the NHS and wider social care system, especially during the challenging winter months.

The challenges faced by local health and social care systems this winter are already clearly like no other, in terms of demand and supply issues. With the continued effects of COVID-19 and now the new variant, combined with the more familiar instances of cold-related illnesses and accidents that we see most years, the already extremely high demand for care across the system is also now being aggravated by supply challenges . As a leading provider of both long and short term bed based residential, dementia and nursing care in the UK, we are doing everything we can to support our homes and Colleagues to ensure we are able to continue to provide professional and person-centred hospital discharge services, as well as step-up hospital avoidance care. 

What types of kind care are provided at HC-One?

At HC-One, it is our mission to be the first-choice care home for older people and health and social care professionals in each of the communities we serve. We aim to achieve this by providing high quality care with kindness at the heart of everything we do – from helping our Residents live their very best life, to working sustainably and being kind to our environment.

Across our network of homes, we are proud to possess a great wealth of specialist knowledge and sector expertise, enabling us to offer the very highest standards of residential, dementia and nursing care in a warm and welcoming environment.

Guided by industry experts across our company, including our Chief Nurse and Director of Quality, Julie Kerry, and our Director of Memory Care Services, Professor Graham Stokes, we are delivering the kindest possible care to older people, whether they require a short care break, a period of recovery after treatment in hospital, or a longer-term place to call home.

How is HC-One supporting discharge to assess this winter?

Since HC-One’s inception in 2011, we have worked closely with many local authorities and NHS Trusts to provide dedicated pathways and deliver person-centred care to those living in our homes, both on a permanent and short-term basis. This winter, we look forward to further strengthening the support we provide and therefore we have developed an enhanced approach to delivering short-term discharge to assess (D2A) services to ensure we are playing a full role in supporting our people, homes, and communities this winter.

We are dedicated to delivering D2A services in an enabling and supportive manner. Through careful planning and close partnership working with many  local health partners, we are working around the clock to ensure we are providing real time intel on capacity and availability, in addition to removing as much bureaucracy as possible to remain safe, while facilitating speedy admissions to ensure the local health and care system remains open and efficient.

As part of our new approach, we are working hard internally to make sure our homes are well prepared and staffed to welcome new Residents, and we are looking forward to working with the Government and local authorities to ensure the new £162.5 million fund to support the care workforce is used in the best and most effective way possible. We have already communicated that we will pass through any monies received from this fund to our front line care givers as a retention and reward bonus.

We are also reaching out to commissioners and offering to collaboratively develop new, structured, and streamlined hospital discharge pathways, which will improve care outcomes for the individuals being admitted to our homes.

Find out more about the kind care we provide in your community

We are proud to offer specialist residential, dementia and nursing care in more than 300 care homes across England, Scotland, and Wales.

For more information about the specialist care we provide in your community, you can search for HC-One care homes in your region here, or speak with our professional Careline advisors on 0333 999 8699 or via email at [email protected]