A trip to the beach and first entertainment at Dale ParkResidents at Dale Park residential memory care and nursing memory care home, in Southport, it has been a busy month with the first entertainment welcomed back at the home and a lovely trip on the cards. 

On 3rd June, Residents headed out on the mini bus for the first time since the pandemic started to Crosby Beach, and of course, the British weather happened with a few gusts of wind and some rain, but that didn’t stop anyone from having fun. Rose, a Resident of Dale Park, had a wick walk up and down the front of the seaside.   

Fellow Residents Fred and Winnie enjoyed seeing the beach from the dry comfort of the mini bus, while still being able to smell to lovely sea air. Everyone was thrilled to be out and about. Colleague Peter, from the maintenance team, joined too. 

Wellbeing team Colleagues Becs and Lavi, said everyone enjoyed a good old sing song on the way back and were looking forward to returning when the weather was better. 

Also this month, the first entertainer was welcomes back to the home. Music in Mind, performed outside in the garden and the group sang their hearts out for Residents. There was plenty of singing, dancing and a few jokes too!

Amy Scott, Home Administrator, said, “All Colleagues and Residents thoroughly enjoyed the day and sang their hearts out!”