Ayr care home Residents write romantic poetry for Valentine’s DayResidents have been embracing love and romance by writing poetry and taking part in arts and crafts projects over at HC-One’s Claremont care home in Whitletts, Ayrshire.

Everyone has been busy making Valentine’s cards, painting decorations and even designing love-themed bookmarks.

But for Residents at Claremont, the highlight of the week has been working on a collaborative romantic poem, taking on board suggestions, themes and rhymes from everyone at the home.

Residents reminisced about their partners and favourite romantic gestures to come up with ideas for the collective poem.

Lena Blair, a Resident at the home, remembered about the times she missed her husband while he was away in the Navy. She commented: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Once the team had compiled their favourite romantic words and phrases, they worked together to come up with rhymes.

There were many heart-warming moments and plenty of laughter in the home as Residents put forward their suggestions for poem verses romantic enough to sweep even Prince Charming off his feet.

Resident, Helen McMath, laughed: “Well, glove rhymes with love. But it doesn’t sound very romantic in a sentence!”

Now that Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching, Residents are looking forward to spending the rest of the week finishing their arts and crafts projects, as well as perfecting their poem so that they can enter it into a competition.

Liz Galloway, a Colleague at Claremont, said: “Arts and crafts is always a popular activity here and it’s so much more fun when there’s a theme.”