Flower arranging after a quick garden forage at Roundhay care homeAt Aberford Hall care home, they have one Resident called Phillis who is often described as incredibly graceful and considerate with everything she does. 

At times Phillis really enjoys meticulously setting her room up for the day. To catch her partaking in a spontaneous one to one activity is rare. However, when she was sitting outside in the back garden, taking her personality into consideration, the Wellbeing Coordinator Luke asked Phillis if she would like to do some flower arranging. 

She politely refused but wanted to watch Luke do it. With half a coconut shell, and some wonderful plants (which were of course free from the garden!) before he knew it she was directing Luke to fulfil her vision. What arose was a lovely composition and a full co-coordinated meaningful one to one activity.

“Just a little bit more to the right!” Phillis could be heard guiding Luke. She most liked being able to create something beautiful out of very simple materials.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Luke, said, “It was a good job in my spare time I have taken up minimalistic flower arranging. This makes for such an inexpensive meaningful group or one to one activity. 

“Without getting to know our Resident's constitution and gentle temperament, I would have not been able to find a way to get her to engage in a meaningful one to one with me. It really pays dividends to connect with Resident's when you can to develop a good helping relationship where that individual feels safe and relaxed enough to try new activities and new routines”.