Huddersfield care home Resident takes time to help othersBarbara Armitage, a Resident at HC One’s The Oakes care home, has been using her time during lockdown to help others.

It hasn't all been doom and gloom during these disparaging times of Covid.  For one Resident at the Huddersfield care home, it has been a time that she can use to help others. 

Barbara decided to use her time to help the local maternity units with their requests for hats and blankets for new-born babies. 

Barbara has been a keen knitter for many years prior to coming to The Oakes, and always has needles and wool at the ready. 
Barbara says she has been knitting as long as she can remember and there isn't anything she hasn't made. 

Barbara commented “I can’t remember how long I’ve been knitting, but it’s a long time!” 

This hobby has helped Barbara to pass time and has also been a point of discussion with other residents in the home and leads to lots of reminiscing about their own children. 

Barbara says that over the years she has tried to teach many inquisitive people to knit but not everyone is able to master the art.
Colleagues at the home are looking forward to delivering the next lot of gifts to the hospital on behalf of Barbara, it is amazing what she has been doing.