Husband and wife thrilled to spend time together on their first outing Husband and wife enjoyed a visit to the local social club courtesy of Elizabeth McMillan, Wellbeing Coordinator at Northgate House Care Home in Balornock. 

Resident Bill Barr and his wife Nan haven’t been out of Northgate House together in a couple of years and were thrilled to join other Residents, Elizabeth and Margaret, a Carer at the home, on a trip to Cadder Freestone Social Club.

Bill has previously been happy to spend time together in the home and they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by family and friends.

Nan enjoyed dancing with everyone and sitting with her husband, enjoying a lemonade and listening to the music.

Both Nan and Bill loved spending this time together outside of the home and doing something a bit different, commenting:

“Thank you so much for inviting us, we had a great time.”

They are now planning a trip for their wedding anniversary in September.