Milestone birthday celebrations in sixth gear at Oldham care homeFormer bus driver, Archie, celebrated his 90th birthday at HC-One’s Avalon Park care home in Salem, Oldham earlier this month.

As his birthday wish, Archie had asked the team if he could drive a car on a game console, the team arranged for Archie to play a car simulator game on an Xbox with a special steering wheel to help make the experience for life-like. 

Having lots of experience behind the wheel, Archie quickly got in to the swing of things and a had great time driving the car around the track. He commented that is really felt like he was driving the car.

Avalon Park Home Manager, Aimee Green said: “It’s wonderful that Archie enjoyed his special birthday doing something he has always loved, happy birthday Archie from all of us at Avalon Park.”

Located on Dove Street, Avalon Park offers short and long term care packages for older ladies and gentlemen in Oldham that require residential care or residential memory care for those living with dementia