Skellingthorpe Residents enjoy tranquillity on the doorstepWith the extraordinary hot weather that the UK has been experiencing lately, White Gables residential memory and nursing memory care home decided it was time some of the Residents should be enjoying it too. 

With the expectation that people would be flooding to the coast, Colleagues and Residents decided to go to the local park and nature reserve. 

Only a short five-minute drive away, two miles down the road from the home, lies Hartsholme Park, which has a large lake, plenty of trees, and a handy cafĂ©; it seemed the perfect choice. 

Loaded with a supply of bread and refreshing drinks Residents and Colleagues went on their way to find a quiet and peaceful area. 

Only a handful of others had the same inkling that they did, and despite the forecast to be sunny and hot, they found plenty of shade under the hundreds of Oak, Beech, Chestnut and Pine trees that surround the lake. 

A tiered edge on the lakeside provided a handy spot to stand and throw some bread to the geese, swans and ducks that live on the lake. There was some definite competition going on, especially by the lone swan, which became bold enough to take bread straight from everyone’s hands. 

Resident Brian brought his dog, Tiny, who loved every minute of the new sights and smells on offer. Having been brought up north of the city, Brian had never even been himself. 

Fellow Resident Pamela (pictured) loved being pushed round in her wheelchair, with legs crossed nonchalantly and large brimmed sunhat; she could have been mistaken for a movie star. She was mesmerised by the sheer amount of waterfowl there was, fighting over every crumb of bread they threw. 

One of the highlights was when they found a shaded bench to sit on and take in the view. Not only did the water sparkle and glisten like scattered diamonds, but when they looked up into the tree canopy, it was reflected against the fresh green leaves like their own private light show; dancing and flickering from leaf to leaf like stars flashing in the night sky. 

Katherine and Kate, Wellbeing Coordinators, remarked, “Rounded off with a take-away ice cream and back just in time for lunch, it really was the perfect morning out.”