Spring news from Magna care homeWith the spring activities well underway at Wigston’s Magna care home, Residents and Colleagues have been getting into the full swing of it. 

For valentine’s week, Colleagues were surprised when they each received a red rose and a box of chocolates from the management team as a thank you for all their hard work. Residents were also gifted with a rose as a gesture of affection in a time when loved ones cannot be so close (see pictured top right).

On Friday 19th February, Residents have been starting to get a head start on Mother’s Day and thought it would be nice to make something for their families, in this difficult time. So, they decided on colourful artwork with a picture of themselves on the back.

Residents, including Joyce, Sylvia, Betty D, Jean, Betty M and Kay also chose to sing during their time crafting and it was wonderful to hear!

A good time was had by all involved and it was nice to see the ladies’ enthusiasm.

Today a few Residents, including Mavis, Kay and Audrey, began to make spring time ornaments (see pictures).

One Resident said, "We really enjoyed the activity and must take a picture to show our families!”

The pot wellington boots proved a firm favourite with one particular lady, Mavis Driver, who completed her mission with pride and joy!