Summer at St Andrews care home Residents and Relatives reunitedColleagues at HC-One’s Balnacarron care home in St Andrews have welcomed back Relatives to the home this month, allowing Residents to finally be reunited with their loved ones.

In August, Colleagues were able to invite Relatives back into the home to visit their much-missed Residents. Families were reunited and got to spend some quality time together in the garden under the beautiful sun. Balnacarron care home Resident Margaret said: “I loved seeing my daughter, thank so much to the staff for helping out.”

Balnacarron Home Manager Gemma Gordon said: “It's wonderful being able to plan visits in the garden for the Relatives and this has made such a difference to the Residents morale.”

With the weather continuing to stay nice through the whole month, Colleagues have also taken the opportunity to spend some time in the garden with Residents to support them in some gardening work. 

Gardening helps keep elderly general health in a better state by strengthening bones, muscles and joints; it also helps the elderly with balance resulting in less falls, so it has been fantastic to finally get out into the garden and make some improvements.

To end the month of August, Colleague took the opportunity to redecorate the hair salon. The ladies decided as a group to pick the colour lilac and to use the room for pampering and spa time.  

Balnacarron care home Resident Eileen said: “It's a really nice thing to do. I like having my nails done and quality time getting my hair tonged.”

Residents now have a space where they can relax and have a little makeover or have their hair washed and dried. Resident also enjoyed a bit of puppy love with an 9-week-old puppy who came to visit.