The joy of living in a Lincoln countryside care homeFor White Gables residential memory and nursing memory care home, in Skellingthorpe, the home has had a recent visitor to the grounds which highlights the beauty living in the countryside. 

Situated just outside the main City of Lincoln, merely 200 metres from the main city bypass road, the home is surrounded by open fields and farmland. 

They have a rabbit warren running right across the rear perimeter of the grounds which can prove problematical when they eat the bedding plants! But they are so fun to watch hopping around, especially the babies in the springtime. 

A field of cows lies to the side of the boundary that belong to the local dairy farm which has an ice-cream parlour situated across the road. 

There are plenty of squirrels that visit daily either burying or digging up accords from the home’s fabulous oak trees, depending on the time of year. 

There are two ditches running along the edge of the property to drain the fields, one of which collects in a large pond. Here there are Moor hens and Coots regularly crossing the long lane to graze on the farmer’s wheat field. Rarer visitors include foxes, pheasants and stoats. 

The most beautiful visitor came the other day in the form of a Roe deer. She waltzed across the car park and front lawns without a care in the world, right in front of the home. 

After a brief inspection of the side lawn she disappeared through the fence as quickly as she had appeared.

Michelle Tuck, Care Home Manager, commented, “What an absolute treat to be surrounded by such a wealth of wildlife right next to the busy city of Lincoln.”