Virtual cruise around the world at Wigston care homeResidents and Colleagues at HC-One’s Magna care home enjoyed a week of adventure as they set sail on a virtual cruise around the world.

Each Resident received a ticket which was stamped by the home’s ‘captain’ each day, advising them of which country they were travelling to that day. The lounges were transformed and menus changed to reflect the country they were in .

On Monday, they first set sail to Spain, visiting sandy beaches and learning to flamenco dance. The home even held their own tomato festival, which was remarked as being ‘messy but fun!’ They then travelled to the vineyards of France, trying to make their own versions of wine, which Residents found amusing.

Residents then ventured into the virtual safaris of Africa, being guided around by the voice of David Attenborough, before learning about South African tribes and how to play the bongo drums.

Italy was the next stop as they sampled various types of coffees and took part in a giant football tournament. The final stop on their journey was to America, as they watched various baseball games and some Residents even tried their hand at it!

Home Manager, Chipo Mupunga, commented: “The Residents have loved learning the languages and different cultures, trying new foods in their menus and really felt as though they had travelled around.”