Warrington care home welcomes new life with aquariumNew life has come to Summerville care home, in Cheshire, with the introduction of a new aquarium to be enjoyed by everyone. 

New fish were delivered today and they have been warmly welcomed by some of the Residents who enjoy the aquatic life going on in the home’s lounge. Residents enjoy watching the fish being fed and one commented, “It is nice to see different coloured fish in the tank.”

The fish and their antics are a big talking point for some of the Residents who had previously had fish as pets before moving into Summerville.

There are always stories being shared and advice on how to get the most from the aquarium; it's a very pleasant conversation opener for new Residents as they join in the community.

Sharon Singleton, Home Manager, said, “It's always nice to see Residents with a common interest which sparks new conversations.”