Weekly news from Manchester care homeOver the last couple of days at Rose Court care home, in Radcliffe, which offers residential, residential memory care, nursing and nursing memory care for those living with dementia, Residents have been making ‘Moment in Time’ boxes with Napa and getting well and truly in the Euros spirit. 

NAPA contacted Allison Porter, who is the home’s Wellbeing Coordinator, and asked if they would like to be a part of the ‘Moment in Time’ boxes which involves gathering items and stories that covered the period during the pandemic. 

This has been an interesting activity for both Colleagues and Residents at the home; collecting information about the Residents’ thoughts and feelings during this time and asking them to think of all the things that’s happened. 

Joe, Alf, Bev, Rose and Mervin, who all live at the home, got involved.  

One Resident said, “I’m well looked after here!” 

Everyone agreed they enjoyed supporting each other, “Sharing is caring.”

Karen Davies, Home Manager, remarked, “This was a really emotional and insightful process.  We took the time to ask Residents about their experiences of Covid, what emotions they experienced and how the restrictions impacted on them. We were truly bowled away by the Residents wonderful expressions of feeling safe, cared for and included.”

Also, this week at the home, yesterday Residents were making England t-shirts for the Euros.  

Allison said, “We decided that, seeing as we are in the semi-final, we wanted to make England t-shirts to wear on Wednesday night!”

Jimmy and Alf both got their game faces on and wanted to design the shirts; they are both fans of the football and watched all the games so far. 

Everyone will be cheering the guys on Wednesday!

Jimmy and Alf both agreed, “Footballs coming home!” 

Allison added, “Great to see the men getting creative and supporting England!”