Fee Uplift

As the Kind Care Company, we aim to be the first-choice provider for those we care for, their loved ones, our colleagues and commissioners.

We recognise how important it is for every person to have access to high quality, affordable care. Therefore, we continue to work hard to provide excellent care and support, while striving to keep other costs low, reduce waste and be more sustainable. 

While we continue to experience significant increases in the costs of running our homes, we have undertaken efficiency and energy sustainability initiatives where possible across our organisation. In addition, we have secured the lowest possible rate for the energy we use – a c.32% decrease in energy and utilities costs – which has partially offset persistent inflation in other areas, notably food.

We also remain committed to improving the pay and benefits for our carers and other important roles in our homes, with an average increase of 11% in carer pay since the beginning of 2022 and 19% since December 2021, taking over 80% of our people above the Foundation Living Wage.

For the coming year, our investment in pay will be shaped by the recent government announcement that the National Living Wage will increase by a further 9.8%.

How does this affect our fees?

Securing a better deal on our energy costs has allowed us to offset some of the rising costs and some of the important ongoing investment in carers’ pay. This is reflected in our 2024 fee increase.

As a result, from 1st February 2024 our self-funding fees will increase by 6.5%.

The decision to increase our self-funding fees will help ensure that we can continue to focus on providing high quality, kind care and support for our residents, families, and colleagues.

Fee changes like this are decisions that we do not take lightly. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, or if you think you or your loved one might be eligible for any public sector funding support, please initially contact your Home Manager.