When it comes to choosing a care home for yourself or a loved one; there are so many things to consider but probably and most importantly you’ll need to feel confident that you will be happy and well cared for.

A place to call home?

When you visit a care home, you'll immediately get a sense of whether or not it is a place you could feel happy, and a place you could call home, but you'll need the home to confirm that they can meet your needs to be certain that you'll be well cared for. 

Firstly you need to understand what type of care home you need?

There are a number of different types of care home available, the type of care home you need is likely to be based on your individual needs.

At HC-One, the Kind Care Company we provide a wide range of different care services, these are predominantly care services  for older people, but we do also have a few services for younger people which you can find out about in the Caring for Younger People section you can access here.

Types of Care for Older People

All types of care  home support Residents' physical health needs, provide accommodation, carer support 24-hours a day, nutritious meals and day-to-day help with little things like making cups of tea and help with dressing.  Some types of care home also provide additional care from registered nurses and some provide specialist support from older people living with memory care needs resulting from a form of dementia.

The Different Types of Care We Provide for Older People

Residential Care

Designed to offer 24-hour support for older people who, through increasing frailty find it difficult to live independently at home. We do everything we can to make Residents feel safe and confident, and enjoy a fulfilled and happily balanced life within our homes.

Nursing Care

Designed for those with more acute health or care needs, our nursing care homes offer the reassurance of 24-hour support from registered nurses. HC-One nurses provide high quality, kind, compassionate, individually tailored care, ensuring that the experience of living in a care home is a safe, comfortable and happy one.

Residential Dementia Care

Designed to support those who need assistance with everyday living and find it difficult to cope in their own homes, and who are living with dementia. We offer support with personal care, daily living tasks and general care to ensure the wellbeing of the Resident.
In each of our care homes that provide residential dementia care, our staff are specially trained to care and understand the individual living with dementia, their needs and aspirations. For additional care needs that require the support of qualified nurses, we also offer specialist nursing dementia care

Nursing Dementia Care

Designed to support older people who are living with dementia and who have additional health needs that require care and support from qualified nurses. 

HC-One nurses provide high quality, kind, compassionate, individually tailored care, ensuring that the experience of living in a care home is a safe, comfortable and happy one.

Palliative & End of Life Care

It’s a common myth that people needing Palliative Care will need to go to a hospice; we care for people with a terminal illness and those who might be nearing the end of their life and require hospice care, but prefer a more comfortable and homely setting, such as one of our care homes.
We have a holistic approach to palliative and end of life care, supporting both Residents and their loved ones throughout. Our focus is on providing quality of life through upholding and respecting individual choice and delivering effective pain and symptom management to enable Residents to live their last days in a dignified manner.

The care given during this time is entirely focused on the needs and wishes of the individual and their wider support network so that they can all feel as comfortable as possible.
Palliative and terminal care delivery will often include partnership working with community health and social care professionals, local knowledge leaders including Marie Curie, Macmillan and Admiral Nurses and local religious leaders.

Types of Stay

Whether it’s a little care break, a longer-term residency or a place to call home, we do our very best to accommodate your every need.

What Type of Stay are You Looking for?

Our care homes offer different types of stay. Whether a loved one chooses to live independently in their own home and join us for the day, requires a short stay to support them for a period of respite or convalescence to get back on their feet or opts for longer-term residency and a place to call home, we are likely to be able to provide the right solution.

Back on Your Feet: Recuperate With Us

Sometimes, when older people become ill, it would be wonderful to think that a kind person could step in to take care of them. Not forever, just until they are well again. That’s what we offer. Our Back on Your Feet stays are aimed at supporting older people to recuperate and recover post-operation or following a period of illness with a view to helping them to return home and live independently once again.

A Back on Your Feet break is fully inclusive. With nothing else to worry about, it’s possible to focus on getting their strength back. Sometimes that’s all it takes – a couple of weeks to build up their strength while we look after them.

A Little Care Break: A Shorter Stay

Our Little Break stays are designed for older people who would benefit from spending a week or two in a homely environment where they can feel safe in the knowledge that care is on hand 24-hours a day.
This is perfect for those who are usually looked after by their families, but who cannot join them when they go away on holiday or for business. It’s also a good choice when the house is being disrupted by builders, or as a way of trying out a home before making the decision to live there longer term. 

Home from Home: A Longer Stay

Many older people move into a care home for a longer-term residency and a place to call home. When people choose to live with us permanently they often bring with them treasured possessions and small items of furniture to help them feel more at home.

Sometimes people might be on Continuing Healthcare that is arranged and funded by the NHS. Being surrounded by cherished items as well as kind friendly faces helps them to settle in and feel safe and happy. We take stress and day-to-day hassle away so that our Residents can focus on the simple things that matter.

Return Home Safely: After A Stay in Hospital

Our Return Home Safely stays are usually offered to people who have spent a while in hospital following an illness or a serious fall. They are not ready to go home quite yet as good quality nursing care is still needed. This stop-gap option delivers the care that is needed but in the comfortable and less regimented environment of a care home rather than a hospital. It usually lasts for four to six weeks, allowing older people to return to their own home fully recovered and able to live independently once more.

Caring for Individuals 

The people who live with us have led rich and varied lives; we understand and celebrate their individuality. When we see a picture of the bright vibrant person they were in their youth and who they are today, we see the same person.

Everyone deserves to feel the warm embrace of kindness and an understanding and appreciation for who they are as a person. That’s why, with the help of friends and family, we develop what’s known as a ‘personal kind care plan’ for every Resident living in one of our homes. This plan ensures that colleagues caring for an individual see beyond the conditions that require care. It allows them to connect with and understand the whole person and what is important to them. It’s the foundation of the caring relationship and plays a fundamental role in helping us to support Residents to live the life they want.
The plan covers everything from medical to spiritual, physical to emotional needs as well as the individual’s likes and dislikes, religious preferences, and suggestions from family members that might make their stay with us that little bit more enjoyable. Once established it will be regularly updated to reflect changing needs and wishes to ensure that care is adapted to the needs of the moment.

You can trust us to do the simple little things that matter: tea, coffee, cake, biscuits, fresh clean sheets and a warm welcome. A friendly smile, a word of comfort and someone always on hand. We actively encourage friends and family to maintain positive relationships with their loved one, welcoming them at our homes day or night and encouraging them to join in whenever they can.