At a HC-One dementia care home we believe that caring for people with dementia means caring about them as a person. We understand how difficult and distressing it can be for people and their families as dementia progresses and behaviours change.

Dementia affects every person differently so we work closely with the people we care for, their families and healthcare professionals to learn about them and their life story. We also take the time to understand what matters most to them in each moment so we can support them to live their best possible life every day.
To learn more about dementia care at HC-One's homes across England, Scotland and Wales, call one of our professional advisors on the following number 0333 999 8699 or find a dementia care home near you.

For advice and support on finding the right dementia care home for you, please speak to our professional care advisors on 0333 999 8699 

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