Each person experiences dementia in their own individual way. While there can be strong similarities, symptoms depend on the underlying disease that is causing dementia, and a person’s behaviour and emotions will also depend on how well someone can cope living with dementia and how supportive their circumstances are.

Some of the common early signs and symptoms of dementia include: 

          ●  Memory loss
          ●  Difficulty concentrating, planning or organising
          ●  Problems with communication and speech
          ●  Misunderstanding what is being seen
          ●  Difficulty to differentiate between what is and isn’t real
          ●  Disorientation, including losing track of time, or not being sure where they are
          ●  Mood changes or difficulty controlling emotions

Remember, having symptoms does not always mean a person has dementia. It is important for anyone who has regular problems with their memory or thinking to be assessed by a health professional. 

If you think you or someone you care about may have dementia, then the first thing you need to do is speak to your GP.  

For more information around the help and advice available following a diagnosis, please see our useful help and advice.

For advice and support on finding the right dementia care home for you, please speak to our professional care advisors on 0333 999 8699 

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