The Pleasure of Mealtimes

Just like every family, our meal table is the caring heart of our home. We understand the importance of a friendly and stimulating experience; not to mention the pleasure of a mealtime with delicious, nutritious food, shared with people you know and love.

Dine with Company, or in Private

In our homes, mealtimes are one of the main moments in the day when the Residents meet as a complete community; the verbal exchanges and laughter often overheard from the dining room indicate the clear pleasure and enjoyment many Residents experience from this. But like everything it is all down to personal choice; some Residents prefer the option to dine alone or in the company of a dear friend in a quieter setting or in the privacy of their own room.

An Extension of the Care Plan

Meals are a fundamental part of every Resident’s care plan. Wherever possible our hospitality team make use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to prepare delicious, nutritional seasonal meals. We understand the nutritional needs of older people and are therefore able to create meals that deliver the optimum calorific and nutritional content, as well as taste.

The Kind Care Company Cookbook

The HC-One cookbook has over 700 recipes and is regularly updated. Chefs and colleagues in our homes meet regularly to check the dining experience and food served is up to scratch.

Traditional Fayre is the Order of the Day

Our traditional menu always offers a choice at mealtimes which keeps things interesting, and Residents are regularly consulted (on their favourites). Our ‘Taste and Try’ sessions are a popular way of engaging Residents with the menu and they’ll often ask us to recreate an old favourite. It always provides a lively topic for discussion and triggers all kinds of memories, smiling, nodding and laughter.

Our chefs pride themselves on knowing the tastes of our Residents and preparing a choice of home cooked, fresh, nutritional meals. There's also a choice of snacks and fresh fruit available throughout the day.

Dignity in Dining

We believe that mealtimes should feel special, so we have background music playing to create that much-appreciated bit of ambience and we dress our dining rooms to help create a sense of occasion whilst maintaining a relaxed and happy feel.

Any Excuse for a Celebration

We also make a point of celebrating birthdays and special occasions – from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Saints’ Days, as well as religious and world festivals.