Caring about you as a person

At HC-One, we believe that caring for people with dementia means caring about them as a person.

We understand that dementia affects people in different ways, which is why we take the time to work closely with families to understand what matters most to the individual, supporting them to feel valued and able to live their best possible life even in the later stages of their dementia journey. We do this by:

          ●  Spending time with people and their family and friends to understand their life stories
          ●  Seeking to understand what matters most for them here and now
          ●  Finding ways to support their choices at each of stage of their dementia journey
          ●  Actively helping them to stay connected and build relationships with their families, friends and their community
          ●  Helping them and their families plan and support choices around end-of-life care

"Dad moved to Meadow Bank in December 2023. From the first moment of arriving, the care that dad has received, has been without question, consistently exceptional and remains so.
“He has been treated with the upmost dignity and respect at all times by all staff. They have worked hard with getting to know him, and tailor their approach in order to best manage his individual complex needs and maximise his quality of life. This is always evident when we visit - dad engages with staff and family, but most importantly he is always well kept, very settled and happy within himself. This provides a huge peace of mind and as a family it means that we can continue to enjoy quality time together.
“The environment is always very positive and calm, everywhere is kept immaculately clean and fresh and the staff are always engaged with the residents in activities that stimulate. As 24 hour care facility for dementia, this is as good as it gets! The staff are outstanding professionals, truly dedicated and attentive. 

“As a family, we have absolute trust and full confidence in the on-going care that dad is receiving and have no doubts about his safety."

Quality of life

At the heart of our dementia care approach is the time we take to get to know and understand each person so we can provide care and support that will allow them to have the best possible quality of life.

Led by our dementia specialists, our kind care teams in our homes have the expertise to provide the physical, emotional and mental support needed to help people with dementia make the most of every day. 

We understand that many of the things that were meaningful for someone before they had dementia can continue to be important. It may be a cup of tea while watching a favourite soap on the TV, enjoying time out in the garden with a book, or even doing some planting and weeding while there. Whatever it may be, we are there to listen, support and help you enjoy what matters most to you.

Making you feel at home

The move from a residential setting into dementia care can be distressing. We understand this and work closely with family and friends in the lead up to moving in so that people feel like they are in familiar surrounding from day one.

This can include making your room feel welcoming and homely by introducing familiar items of furniture, soft
furnishings or belongings and spending time visiting the home for meals, walks, quiet time or a chat.

Dementia friendly environments

When you have dementia is it common to feel disorientated or distressed, so HC-One’s Interior Design team create industry leading dementia friendly interiors in each of our dementia communities. With carefully selected colour schemes, wellbeing spaces, homely finishing touches and spacious layouts, all of our dementia communities provide a therapeutic living environment that feels calm and safe.

Dementia specialists

As one of the largest providers of dementia care in the UK, all our kind care teams in our HC-One homes have the support of an award-winning team of dementia specialists led by Professor Graham Stokes, our Director of Dementia Care. 

Each of HC-One’s dementia communities has kind care teams with specialist dementia training. They also have a range of specialists that are dedicate to improving the quality of life for people with dementia, from Wellbeing and Activity Co-ordinators who can provide therapeutic support to Chefs who are trained in catering for specialist diets. 

HC-One homes that offer nursing dementia care also have a Registered Nurse on shift 24/7 so we can provide professional clinical care and support for people as they move towards the later stages of their dementia journey. 

Specialist dementia care

 At HC-One, we are pioneering a new therapeutic approach to complex dementia care, designing our service around the needs of residents to ensure they are supported by the best possible care.
As part of this approach, we have launched our first Specialist Dementia Care Community, which has been expertly designed to support the welfare and wellbeing of people who are emotionally distressed by their dementia and require specialist care and support.
With support from a highly qualified Specialist Dementia Service Lead and an Assistant Psychologist, the care teams in our Specialist Dementia Care Communities are trained and supported in working therapeutically with residents to provide understanding and specialist guidance.
Find out more about our first Specialist Dementia Care Community at Meadow Bank care home in Preston.

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